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?, Rumbean Richard, Minerva 07/08/1880 6 colored
Aaron, Israel Copes, Mabele 10/26/1839 Vol.1 marriage bond
Abbott, Elias Becton, Flora 08/20/1866 2 colored, 28 yrs
Abbott, George Abbott, Catherine Braddock 07/09/1866 2 colored, 26 yrs
Abbott, Israel B. Abbott, Susan Jane 08/22/1866 2 col. 1 yr. 8 mo.
Abbott, Sylvester Jones, Mary Catharine 03/16/1867 1  
Abbott, Thomas Brent, Elizabeth 05/02/1872 3  
Abram, Thomas Edwards, Mary 01/17/1898 6 colored
Abrams, William Reese, Nancy 09/23/1817 Vol.1 marriage bond
Ackin, Smith Peed, Penelope 09/16/1840 Vol.1 marriage bond
Ackis, John Ernull, Elizabeth 12/24/1796 Vol.1 marriage bond
Ackis, John Trippe, Betsy 01/01/1801 Vol.1 marriage bond
Acklin, Thomas Daughety, Rebecca 02/15/1832 Vol.1 marriage bond
Acklin, Thomas Kenyon, Sarah 06/14/1860 1  
Acock, Isaac Dudley, Clarissa 12/14/1873 5 colored
Acreman, Leonard Reasonover, Elizabeth 12/22/1783 Vol.1 marriage bond
Adams, Abraham Outlaw, Lydia 10/24/1837 Vol.1 marriage bond
Adams, Alvin Wetherington, Alice D. 08/26/1900 7  
Adams, Arthur Jackson, Rhoda 11/10/1908 7 colored
Adams, Arthur Peade, Lettice 01/10/1884 6 colored
Adams, Charles H. Lindsay, Jeanett 08/30/1792 Vol.1 marriage bond
Adams, David Chapman, Argent 10/14/1805 Vol.1 marriage bond
Adams, David Edwards, Annie 09/06/1893 6  
Adams, David Jones, Annice 12/08/1870 3  
Adams, David Smith, Nanney 10/10/1889 6  


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