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Memorial Day Exercises, 1899, Page 2

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The Procession will form at the Academy Green at 4:30 P.M. under the direction of Chief Marshal, S. R. Ball, as follows:

1 New Bern City Band.

2 Chief Marshal and Aids.

3 Confederate Veterans, New Bern Camp No. 1162, soldiers and sailors.

4 Chaplain and Reader, Rev. Geo. L. Leyburn, D.D., Matt Manly, C.V., and all ex-chaplains and speakers.

5 Naval Reserves as Escort.

6 Daughters of the Confederacy.

7 State and City Officials.

8 Citizens generally, children with flowers, etc.



1 Prayer by the Chaplain, Rev. Geo. L. Leyburn, D.D.

2 Music by the Choir, "The Guard Around the Tomb."


MAY 10, 1883


What is this solemn sound we hear ?
It breaks upon a nation's ear--
Like ocean's sob upon the shore,
The wail of storms whose wrath is o'er.
From proud Virginia's mountains grand 
It swells through all our Southern land. 

A country mourning o'er its slain, 
Who gave their lives, and not in vain, 
Since its heart their memory blooms 
Fresh as the flowers upon their tombs. 
Their toil is o'er, their labors cease, 
In war they died, but died for peace.  

They bravely fought and nobly fell, 
And fame their glorious deeds shall tell; 
When she decrees a crown of Bay 
No power on earth her hand can stay; 
And on these graves a wreath is laid 
No storm can change, no time can fade.

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