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NC 1757 5 Pounds

Accession Number TP.2000.017.018



North Carolina paper currency, Treasury note value five pounds



James Davis, printer



Type on laid paper, ink



North Carolina, New Bern






OH: 3 3/8” (8.6 cm); OW:  4 5/8” (11.8 cm)



Type set five-pound note issued by North Carolina. Wide left-edge border of quatrefoil with flowers in the corners surrounded on three sides by stylized flowers and narrow stylized border at top and bottom. Printed inscription: “North Carolina./ This BILL intitles [sic] the Bearer hereof to/FIVE POUNDS Proclamation Money, to be/ paid out of the Public Treasury, with 6 per/ Cent. Interest, from the Date hereof, to the/ Tenth Day of December next, in Pursuance/ of an Act of the General Assembly, in such/ Case made and provided./ Dated this 15th Day of decemr 1757/ £ 5/ To be accepted in /Payment of Taxes.  Pub. Trea. Ink inscription above main text: “offered may the 8th 1760”. (Underlined items inentered in ink.Bill signed by John Starkey (treasurer). Another signature (very faded) appears to be “T Barker.” Bill numbered in ink in upper right corner: “115.” Signed in ink on reverse: “from John bugg to David min__;” other inscription illegible. Bill folded in quarters.






This is part of 54-piece gift of North Carolina paper currency issued between 1748 and 1771 from the same anonymous donor.



This is a public note of credit. The note was not presented until May 20th, 1760.






Permission to use the photograph must be obtained in writing from Tryon Palace Historic Sites & Gardens, New Bern, North Carolina. It must be accompanied by the caption” From the collection of Tryon Palace Historic Sites & Gardens, New Bern, North Carolina; North Carolina Department of Cultural Resources, Division of Archive and History.”

Obverse Image
Reverse Image

Images scanned by Dean Knight
Text prepared by Nancy Richards and Victor T. Jones, Jr.

Last edited: August 21, 2018

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